23 lb. Cast Iron Portable Sign Stand with 7 lb. 4' Post
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23 lb. Cast Iron Portable Sign Stand with 7 lb. 4' Post






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W5430 Black Sign Stand

ParkingSign.com’s 30 lb. Cast Iron Portable Sign Stand is manufactured for those that want a strong, sturdy sign stand that is also aesthetically pleasing. The movability of this stand makes it more versatile than a permanent sign post, but it’s also capable of being anchored to concrete or asphalt surfaces should the need arise.

The base weighs 23 pounds and the post is an extra 7 pounds, making the total weight of this outdoor sign stand 30 pounds. Each order includes a bolt set for mounting one sign. This cast iron stand is capable of accommodating 12 x 18”, 18 x 24”, and square and octagon signs up to 24 x 24” with two 3/8” center mounting holes.

Portable sign stands ship in two different packages: one for the base and one for the sign post.

  • Cast Iron Sign Stand
  • 1 Bolting Set for sign mounting is included with base.
  • Assembly (post and base) weighs approx. 30 lbs.
  • Base is 17-1/4" in dia. approximately.
  • Post is 48" tall
  • Mounts any of the following sizes: 12w x 18h", 18w x 24h" and 24 x 24" signs (vertical layouts with 2 holes)
  • Ships in 2 packages
  • Base can be mounted to concrete or asphalt by using the following anchors: Concrete Anchors Y4949 or Asphalt Anchors Y4988
  • Black Sign Stand sign mounting
  • Black Sign Stand with hole locations



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